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Welcome to my personal photography site! My name is Sal and have had an avid interest in photography ever since I picked-up a camera many years I can remember. I love taking pictures in various settings and starting to share them more and more recently (Spring of 2011)!

"Helping those remember the precious moments in life with one picture at a time"

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{Home Memories}

"Looking to archive your house (interior & exterior) & home furnitue before an estate sale?

Sengretti Resort (Texas) Animals-Ostriches April 30th 2011

{Community Events}

"Annual "Waterama" parade each summer. (-every 3rd weekend in July in Glenwood, Minnesota)

"27th Annual CNIA Pow Wow on Saturday, March 26th 2011"

"My second complete photo shoot at a college graduation (University of Minnesota-Morris) on May 12th 2012"

"Beautiful Mungsinger-Clemens Gardens " (St. Cloud, Minnesota)
-Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mill City Museum Scenic Riverview (Photo-Video Collage) on Dec 26th 2010


"Collection of photos during the 2011 softball season game at Chizek Ball Park in Morris, Minnesota


*just a sample of some editing that I can do with any photos you would like me to do (see contact information down below)

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    "Remember the wonders he has done.."-Psalm 105:5

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